Why Small Biz Vantage

Building a business takes work…… it’s simple but not easy without help!

Small Biz Vantage was created because I want automotive and skilled trade business owners to succeed.  I come from a family of small business owners and understand the skilled-trades.  Small business owners start with a dream, grit and aren’t afraid of doing the work. What starts as a dream can end up controlling your life. (It happened to Tony and me and I can tell you it’s not a good place to be.) By using a proven system, you can build a business that thrives.  (Profitable, Sustainable, Enjoyable) Turn your dream of work-life fulfillment into reality.

Over the years I’ve met hundreds of business owners who have achieved levels of success but now want to next level without going 24/7 and I give you the tools needed.

Small business owners can feel isolated because you don’t have anyone to report to. You’re the decision maker. You don’t have the vast resources of big businesses and you’re responsible for all areas of your business. There is a better way. My Small Biz Vantage Method is 15 years in the making. It was built from unpacking the lessons I’ve learned, training and mentoring I received, into a simple repeatable framework that works. I know that business grows as owners and leaders grow. Tap into the leader within to change your business and life.

Every business owner is not in the same situation as you. Each business has it’s nuances. Small Biz Vantage method focuses on your stage of business. It’s both freeing and powerful when you stay focused on the activities that will next level your business. You create results and build momentum. Improve your performance as an owner/leader and save years of frustration trying to figure it all out on your own. Take off that “Going it Alone Badge of Honor” it’s holding you back.

I enjoy coaching clients to perform at their best. Getting the proper Support, Accountability and Progress is what you need. As a speaker I share lessons learned and bring insights to audiences at local and national industry events. I’m here for you. I’ll challenge you and guide you. Gain clarity, control and the confidence to tap into your leader within to achieve a thriving business. (Profitable, Sustainable, Enjoyable) which leads to work-life fulfillment.

Maryann Croce made a powerful impression on over 200 attendees at Citrin Cooperman’s 2017 Women at the Wheel program.  Maryann is a genuine and articulate speaker, and an inspiration for all.  She is paving the way for women to become future business leaders and we were delighted to have her on our panel.

Chelsea Rosen, Manager
Citrin Cooperman

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Maryann Croce speak on several occasions. As a business owner herself, Maryann and her presentations all have a very “real world” feel… which comes from her own firsthand experience with what it’s like to be caught “in the weeds” of running a business. In addition to being a skilled and interactive speaker, she clearly knows what it takes to work on, rather than in, your business. The result is me knowing that whenever I hear her speak, I’m going to walk away with 2-3 actionables I can begin applying to my own business, right then and there.

Beth Stoller, Founder
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Why Small Biz Vantage?
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Why Small Biz Vantage?
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