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Women Leaders in the Auto Service Industry

Women Leaders in the Automotive Aftermarket

When Jody Devere, asked for my thoughts on developing women leaders in the aftermarket, I was happy to contribute because Jody is someone who I’ve respected for years.

Women in male-dominated industries can go unnoticed. Not be recognized for their contributions and results. In many cases, it’s simply because women don’t realize how much they are capable of. Typically women excel at soft skills. Studies have shown that soft skills are key to leadership and the automotive industry is starting to take notice.

Maryann Croce
Owner, Croce’s Transmission Specialists

“Shop owners as well as our industry can encourage women to be part of it by being a mentor. Be an example of professionalism every day. Look for the skill sets that good leaders and managers require. Listening being at the top. Define what leadership looks like in your company. Create a culture for sustainability.

“Women can own their story and journey of experiences, accomplishments, and lessons learned. It’s their creditability, makes them relate-able and may inspire a future leader or manager.”

Here’s the link to the complete article.

The automotive industry has many viable career opportunities for women in sales, operations, marketing, sales, finance, and HR departments. Lot’s of the same skills used in other fields and industries are transferable. Women have been know to make wonderful service advisors, technicians and marketing managers. Because women typically score high in emotional intelligence (EQ) positions that involve understanding customers/clients and team members are usually a great fit.

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