The Small Biz Vantage System

Achievers aren’t afraid of work and accountability.

But for many business owners, they try to do too much themselves.

Their challenge: Many are working within an outdated model or doing things that keep them busy but don’t help their business succeed.

The Small Biz Vantage System helps business owners transform their businesses from a job to a business that is profitable, sustainable and enjoyable. When you apply this system, you go from an operator to a leader.

Gain Clarity of Your Owner Role

Understand Your Stage of Business

Know The Right Activities to Focus On

Take Control of Your Day

Commit to goal setting and getting results in 90 Days using the Small Biz Vantage System.

This program is for you if you are looking to confidently operate all areas of your business to grow, attract quality customers and team members. Stop spinning your wheels. Tap into the leader within to best serve your team, customers or clients.

The Small Biz Vantage System

Develop a repeatable process that helps your grow your business by working smarter, not harder. Stop being Busy and start being productive.

Pro Mindset

Develop the owner mindset by getting clear on your mission, vision and purpose to fuel your business. Most owners miss this vital step which helps you step away from the day-to-day tasks and become the leader of your business. You can’t lead others until you start leading yourself.

Pro Strategy

Create a repeatable action plan and set goal to align your team. You can then focus on the owner’s activities, delegating other tasks, so you can build a thriving business.

Pro Toolbox

Implementing a repeatable action plan keeps you focused and your business moving forward. Get more done in 90 days than most do in an entire year.

Small Biz Method Process
Small Biz Vantage - Business Analysis

The Small Biz Vantage System Phases

  • Assess & Diagnose –  Start with data. Become self-aware. Tap into the leader within. 
  • Mission, Vision, & Purpose –Get clear on your MVP to fuel your business. 
  • Repeatable Implementation Framework – Get more done in 90 days than most do in a year.
  • Insights, Review, & Feedback –Re-assess and set up your next 90 Days.

Get clarity and create a roadmap to focus on the activities that will take your business to the next level.

Learn How Your Leadership Affects the 5 Pillars of Your Business

5 pillars of leadership - people

People Pillar

You can’t do it alone. It’s all about people, communication and interpersonal skills.

Your expertise may not be in every area, yet you are responsible for all of them.

5 pillars of leadership - marketing

Marketing Pillar

Consistent messaging to provide solutions for your ideal clients. It’s about them.

5 pillars of leadership - sales

Sales Pillar

Your product/service offerings and conversations with your ideal clients.

5 pillars of leadership - operations

Operations Pillar

Efficiency and quality that drives results. Who does what, where, how and when.

5 pillars of leadership - financial

Financial Pillar

The power of the numbers can lead to better decision making and opportunities.

Hi, My name is MaryAnn Croce and I’ve been a trade business owner since 1999 when my husband and I built Croce’s Transmission Specialists. I continue to grow our business while empowering our team. I grew up in the construction business so I know first-hand what it’s like to wear all the hats.

I’m not your typical business coach. I walk the walk and have the experience. I am here to guide you to YOUR next level as a business owner.


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