Speaking on Work-Life Balance

Turn the dream into a realty by building a business that thrives. Create a 3-day weekend with systems/processes and a culture that attracts, develops and retains top talent. 

Business grows as the owner/leaders grows. I speak on leadership and the role and goal of an owner in a thriving business. (One that is Profitable, Sustainable and Enjoyable. ) Leadership is what’s missing in many businesses.  Most owners go straight to a to do list and miss these first two steps. Many mistake micromanaging as leadership. Developing leadership skills is a powerful advantage over your competition.

Get the owner role and goal right and you’ll make better decisions, become strategic, increase productivity, develop a great company brand and culture to attract quality customers and team members.

Speaking Topics

You’re busy but are you getting the results you desire?  You can gain control of your day and your business by letting go of the activities that aren’t serving you or your business. You’ll understand the pro mindset shift to grow your business and the role and goal of an owner. This leads to better decision making and frees up hours for you to work on your business making it Thrive. (One that is Profitable, Sustainable and Enjoyable.)

It’s easy to find yourself putting out fires as a small business owner.  You’re responsible for all of it. What if you could identify and solve challenges sooner? Imagine the time you would gain back. You’ll understand how to define your success. Create your success road map and understand how to adjust for life’s roadblocks to get back on track to build and grow a business that Thrives. (One that is Profitable, Sustainable and Enjoyable.)

You have dreams of business growth. How do you turn those dream into reality? There are 5 stages of business.  Know where you’re starting from to focus on the right activities, right now to next level.  You’ll understand the 5 stages of business, the challenges at each stage and the right activities to focus on right now to grow a business that thrives. (One that is Profitable, Sustainable and Enjoyable.)

The key to work-life balance is customizing it to make it work for you. We’re all at a different stage of business and life. I know you started your owner business for more than a paycheck. You wanted to make a difference in your community, for your family, to service others or create legacy.

The reality is a business can suck you in so deep that you have no time or energy left for anything else. When you go home to your family your running on empty. You may still enjoy what you do but your passion is starting to fade. This isn’t what you signed up for.

Building a work-life balance that works is possible. It takes courage to invest in yourself. Business grows as owners and leaders grow. Work life balance works when business thrives. Don’t leave your business to chance be the change you are seeking.

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