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Your Business Isn’t You. (Separate Entity)

Many shop owners think of their business as part of them. I get it. No lack of grit and drive in the automotive industry. But it can be a trap. Ego can get in the way of your business moving forward. Listen to this episode to discover how to separate your business from you.

10X Conference ROI & ROE Investment

Conferences are an investment. Many think of the return on investment (R.O.I.) What about the return on the effort it takes to attend conferences (R,O.E.) Listen to this episode to learn the ten tips to 10x conference value. Hint: Pre-Conference, During Conference, Post Conference

Creating a Wealthy Life

Mindful Millionaire Guest

My friend Lesia Peterson is the owner of The Wealth Clinic and the author of the book, The Mindful Millionaire. We met in New York City at a mastermind meetup that we are both in. I had some wonderful conversations with Leisa while walking in New York City, about money stories and how learning from …

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Business Grows When Owners Grows

The transition from tech to owner isn’t an easy one. It requires different skill sets. Stepping out of your comfort zone is key to transforming yourself. Don’t underestimate why you do what you do. Dig deep. It’s more than money. Listen to this episode to be an example to your team. A business will grow …

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The Power of The One Thing

The Power of One Thing

There are so many areas of business to focus on as owners. Having a purpose of why you do what you do is key. The trades need more owners stepping up to be an example of professionalism. The auto industry is no exception. Be an example to your team customers and community. They are looking …

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Become A Level Five Leader

Become a Level Five Leader

What does leadership mean to you? Our first experience of leadership is usually as a child. Remember being the line leader? This was a leader in name only. Leadership is a skill that needs to be developed. It can help you both personally and professionally.

Your Profit & Loss Statement

Your P&L Know it. Love it.

Understanding financial statements in your business is so important as an owner. It’s part of your owner role and goal. When you understand the business financial you can make better business decisions. You also are in control of your business instead of your business controlling you. If this isn’t your skill set it’s ok to …

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