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It’s Not Your Fault Until It Is

Small Business Owner Questions Culture

I had some recent conversations with small business owners. All looking for ways to improve an area of their business. The conversations had to do with Sales, Profits, Processes, Customers or Teams. I thought it was interesting, how the conversations and questions came back to teams. The fact is you can’t grow your business alone …

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The Ripple Effect of Professionalism

The Ripple Effect of Professionalism

Trade Industry Silo I’ve been in the trade industry for over twenty years. As an automotive shop owner and a coach, I’ve spoken with hundreds of people in the trade industry frustrated over the following. These men and women are business owners, technicians, vendors, suppliers, or are part of the training and educations space such …

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Business Coach, Consultant or Trainer? How to Choose

Coach Consultant or Trainer

There is more to building, operating and growing a business than most new business owners realize. When a “doer” becomes a business owner, many find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Their skillsets and experience lie in the doing or production. In most cases they were known as the best in their field before they became an …

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Don’t Overlook Business Fundamentals

Don't Overlook Business Fundamentals

Are you creating a sustainable business? One that is viable, continuous, worthwhile and supportable. A sustainable business is one that can operate without you being part of the day-to-day. This is a business that becomes manageable and sellable. A sustainable business is what many business owners hope for, but hope is not a strategy. Is …

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How Do You Define Success?

How do you define success?

For years society told us success is something to achieve, tying it to money, fame, or even a lifestyle. In business, it’s a goal or number to measure performance. In our personal life, it may be having a family, dream home, vacation or vehicle.   These achievements or milestones will spark moments of happiness. We …

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5 Stages of Business. Your GPS for Success

5 Stages of Business

We use the technology all the time. The purpose of a GPS (Global Positioning System) is location. You need to know where you are to be successful getting to your desired destination. You wouldn’t take a road trip without a destination, a map, and a vehicle. Business success is achievable when we: have a destination …

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We’re Capable of More Than We Realize

Women Leaders in the Auto Service Industry

Women Leaders in the Automotive Aftermarket When Jody Devere, asked for my thoughts on developing women leaders in the aftermarket, I was happy to contribute because Jody is someone who I’ve respected for years. Women in male-dominated industries can go unnoticed. Not be recognized for their contributions and results. In many cases, it’s simply because …

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Women In Auto Care Winter Conference 2018

Women in Auto Care

Facilitated Round Table Discussion Location: Scottsdale, AZ This was an amazing event! Great to be with 150 women in the automotive aftermarket.  Breaking down into small groups,  as shop owners we shared what’s working tips on hiring, culture, and leadership. Being with like-minded owners who want to best serve their team, customers, community, and industry …

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ATRA Powertrain 2017 – Las Vegas

Gain Control By Letting Go! As business owners, we wear lots of hats and often put out fires. Understanding your role and goal as the leader in your business is key to its success. What we do with the knowledge is where the power lies. Letting go of EGO, JUDGEMENT and GOING IT ALONE are …

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