Leadership and Your Word

Keep It Simple

Small business owner have a lot to focus on. Here’s a way to keep it simple. Each year I choose a word that represents what I will focus on that year. This year it’s “Self-Care.”

I’m not big on resolutions defined as (To start or stop doing something) Understand, I thrive on accountability.  I own several businesses and accountability is a must for me because it’s the only way to get my desired results.

The one-word idea was introduced to me a few years ago and since then I share it all the time. It’s my non-negotiable for the year. So, I’m including a self-care activity each day. It could be exercise, reading, getting a haircut, a phone call to a friend or a walk in the park. Something that brings me joy and allows me to unplug for a little while. Self-care includes getting enough sleep.

You see, I love what I do and can easily get immersed in a project or idea and want to run with it. In the past this has led to staying up late and throwing off my energy in other areas of my life. I’m sure we can all relate.

My one word helps me to focus on growing to be the best version of myself to best serve my customers/clients, businesses and my family without burning myself out. It’s more than making a living. It’s about making a difference.

Leadership and Your Word

Business Owner/Leader Mindset

Most small business owners started as operators in business. As an operator/technician a to-do list works for the tasks that must get done, but as an owner, you’re responsible for

  • the company’s vision 
  • the company’s brand/reputation
  • empowering your team

While many business owners are great at making to-do lists. Not as many have a plan. A to-do list should support a plan and without a plan you feel like you’re spinning you wheels. As a result owners say their busy but, they’re not getting their desired results and wonder why.

Sometimes it’s easier to understand with an example outside of your business. If you want to build a home, chances are you wouldn’t just purchase materials and start building. You would have a plan and revise if needed.

Things to consider

  • Location- Family and work?
  • Size – Growing family or downsizing?
  • Budget – Within your means or get in over your head?
  • Lifestyle – Entertain, hobbies, schools, activities, quiet space?

With a plan you feel in control and confident to go ahead with the build, so why don’t most do this with business ownership?

Many business owners started out doing something we enjoyed and became good at it. Then the idea of business ownership takes over. The challenge is the thing that you’re good at requires different skills from the ones needed as a business owner.

In the past you may have been responsible for an area of business such as production, but as an owner and leader, now you’re responsible for the people who are responsible for production. Even if you have a one-person business, this leadership mindset is needed to grow, otherwise you have yourself a job. If you keep doing and not focus on the planning (strategy), you will find yourself spinning your wheels but not moving forward. I suggest trying the one-word approach to keep you focused and aligned this year. Your team, customers and family will notice that you enjoy your business. You will also feel more in control and confident about the decisions you make. Better decisions will help your bottom line by making your business more profitable and sustainable.

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