Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

What’s the difference between a coach and consultant?

A coach is someone who partners with you, getting the information needed from you and unpacking it. They guide you through your challenges. You gain insights and see the bigger picture of your business. The focus is on you and giving you the support, accountability and progress measuring needed. Focusing on your vision or goal, and the coach keeps you accountable for achieving them while you work on them. Coaching helps you with your performance. There is a lot of self-awareness that happens with coaching. Example: A coach will help you get clarity on the bigger picture to gain control of your business and life. You implement, get results, which leads to a new sense of confidence.

A consultant has an area of expertise in business. You have a targeted problem. They assess your situation, and give you the prescription for results. Example: A marketing or sales consultant will assess your marketing or sales process, identify problems and give you the prescription for better results. Consultants will also execute the activity for you.

How do you define the coach relationship?

Coaching is different than consulting. Consulting is prescriptive. 

Coaching is guiding you to discover what is getting in your way, causing concern or preventing you from moving forward in your business even if you were given next steps. You will share your desired results and together we’ll determine what the best action is for you.

Today’s business owners don’t need more to do or add to their day. With my repeatable framework, subtract activities that don’t serve you or your business and focus on the right activities at the right time.  Gain clarity, control, confidence and results.

Who do you primarily work with?

I have the training and industry expertise to guide auto repair shop and skilled trade business owners. Those who get the most from coaching are business owners who have achieved a level of success and are ready to next level without having to be on 24/7. They’re ready solve their biggest challenge by getting an outside advisor to help.

They know what hasn’t worked and are ready to take action to achieve more.  They realize that they need to develop new skills that will take them to the next level. They are open minded to change and are willing to learn and take action.

A professional sports coach doesn’t do the dive or get on the football field. You do the work but a coach is there to help you unpack the replay and help you develop the skills needed. Skills that will last a life time.

How do I know if I’m ready for coaching?

Many owners wonder if they are ready for coaching. They invest in their business but are resistant to invest in themselves. Some have heard horror coaching stories. What I know to be true is that business grows as owners/leaders grow. What got you to this point will not help you next level. Different skills are required.

The most common thing that owners who invest in themselves tell me is “I should have done this sooner.”  That is because you’re ready before you think you’re ready. You had the dream and you have the grit. Now it’s time to take your dream and turn it into reality. Have the business and life you love. I call that work-life fulfillment.

Maryann – Performance Coach/Speaker

Maryann Croce - About Small Biz Vantage

Maryann is your leadership coach. As an auto shop owner since 1999, she understands owner’s challenges today. Gain clarity on the pro mindset of business ownership. Focus on the activities that will help you achieve your desired results.


Maryann Croce made a powerful impression on over 200 attendees at Citrin Cooperman’s 2017 Women at the Wheel program.  Maryann is a genuine and articulate speaker, and an inspiration for all.  She is paving the way for women to become future business leaders and we were delighted to have her on our panel.

Chelsea Rosen, Manager
Citrin Cooperman

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