Customized Business Coaching

Grit and drive take you so far.

Gain Clarity, Control, Confidence, and Commit to High-Performance.

Customized business coaching can accelerate the speed at which a business grows because of the shortened learning curve for the business owner. Business owners are responsible for all areas of their business. This takes developing the leader within.

Everyone is busy but are you productive? Are you getting the results you want?

What if you were focusing on the right things at the right time to grow your business? What would that look like for you and your business?

If being able to operate, build and grow a successful business without adding more to your day is what you want. I can help. Not only to I have decades of automotive and skilled trade business experience. I also bring corporate banking and management experience. You may have areas of your business that are running well. Other areas may need improvement. Everyone has blind spots.

What’s your biggest business challenge right now?

Working with a business advisor experienced in your industry and with family businesses, can help you overcome challenges quicker and with better results. Together we will:

Diagnose your biggest owner challenge to gain control of your business.
Gain clarity on your owner role and goal.
Create a healthy culture and team alignment.
Discover the right activities to focus on right now. Stop putting out fires.
Maximize your R.O.E. (Return On Effort) to gain back time to work on your business or to gain work-life fulfillment
Small Biz Vantage - Jump Start Coaching - Leadership

Commit with an open mind. Transform with a peak-performance mindset to make your business thrive.

(Profitable , Sustainable, Enjoyable)

Small Biz Vantage - Customized Business Coaching

Customized Coaching is For You

These coaching calls are for you if you are ready to take action, step out of your comfort zone and gain a competitive edge.


  • Want to increase profits?
  • Want team accountability?
  • Want more quality customers/clients?
  • Want more time to work on your business?
  • Want to gain your life back?

Whatever challenge you have in your business, I can help you find a solution.

Master leadership to build a more profitable, sustainable and enjoyable business. You may be strong in some areas of your business and challenged by others. Work with me. I have the tools and resources for you to achieve your goals.

How Leadership Affects 5 Pillars of Business

5 pillars of leadership - people

People Pillar

You can’t do it alone. It’s all about people, communication and interpersonal skills.

Your expertise may not be in every area, yet you are responsible for all of them.

5 pillars of leadership - marketing

Marketing Pillar

Consistent messaging to provide solutions for your ideal clients. It’s about them.

5 pillars of leadership - sales

Sales Pillar

Your product/service offerings and conversations with your ideal clients.

5 pillars of leadership - operations

Operations Pillar

Efficiency and quality that drives results. Who does what, where, how and when.

5 pillars of leadership - financial

Financial Pillar

The power of the numbers can lead to better decision making and opportunities.

Maryann – Leadership Coach

Maryann Croce - About Small Biz Vantage
Maryann is your operations coach. As an auto shop owner since 1999, she understands owner’s challenges today. Gain clarity on the pro mindset of business ownership. Focus on the activities that will help you achieve your desired results.
Visit my FAQ page on coaching for more information.
What is your specialty?

I help business owners develop their performance skills (how you show up) and pro mindset. It is the key to operating, building and growing a thriving business. (One that is Profitable, Sustainable and Enjoyable.) Leadership and developing your team is at the core of performance skills, which help you make better decisions quicker and more confidently. If you don’t empower your team, you end up doing it all and you don’t have a sustainable business.

If the business you have isn’t the one you imagined, you can change it. You can define your success. Business grows as the owner grows. Don’t be the bottleneck in your business. Reach out to learn more on a call.

Are you a coach, consultant or advisor?

I work with my clients as a coach and advisor. I guide you to discover what is getting in your way, causing concern or preventing you from moving forward in your business. You will share your desired results and together we’ll determine what the best action plan is for you. I will help you subtract the activities that don’t serve you or your business and focus on the right activities at the right time.  You then gain clarity, control, confidence and results.

Clients hire me for speed. Stop spinning your wheels. Get more done in less time without burning yourself out. You can next level your business without going 24/7.

Need more information? Let’s talk.

Let’s schedule a discovery call to see if we are a good fit. The following information will help me focus our conversation to determine the best solution for you. All fields are required.