My friend Lesia Peterson is the owner of The Wealth Clinic and the author of the book, The Mindful Millionaire. We met in New York City at a mastermind meetup that we are both in. I had some wonderful conversations with Leisa while walking in New York City, about money stories and how learning from them helps us get past them, that we can build a life for fulfillment and legacy.

I was inspired to revisit my money story and reflect on how it influenced my life both personally and professionally. It was a powerful deep dive for me and I believe it will help me to better serve my audiences and clients. I’m honored to be a guest on her podcast. Being vulnerable and sharing my money story. Here is the episode link.

Creating A Wealthy Life

How Not To Be A Micro-Manager

Episode 93 on Remarkable Results Podcast Micro-Manager

Micro-Managing happens when we feel that we don’t have control or are losing control of a situation or area of our business. It comes from FEAR.

  • Fear of not being seen as the expert
  • Fear of losing control of our brand
  • Fear from not understanding our role

The idea of allowing others to develop their skills sounds good, but to practice it is another story. It takes a mindset shift that happens when you (the owner) become more self-aware. Take note of how you react in different situations and how you show up each day. Then allow your team to be their best by giving them the resources needed.

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The Power of One Thing

The Power of The One Thing

There are so many areas of business to focus on as owners. Having a purpose of why you do what you do is key. The trades need more owners stepping up to be an example of professionalism. The auto industry is no exception. Be an example to your team customers and community. They are looking to you to be a resource.

The ripple effect helps to create better relationships in the industry. The industry can seem siloed because we look at it from our own perspective or vantage. Can you see the industry from a shop owner’s, association, and a supplier’s view? Give it a try.