Women In Auto Care – February 2020

Women In Auto Care

This year’s theme is Performance Driven.

I found my tribe. Women who are building leadership skills that help them grow both personally and professionally. There is a vibe at this event I enjoy. Women from all areas of the auto care industry in one room who are making a difference in the industry. Getting different perspectives of the industry broadens my view. Women sharing what is working and lessons learned helps me as a leader, coach, and business owner.

This supportive group has mentoring available. The value of speaking with someone who has been there and navigated through challenges is valuable.

Each year I look forward to our leadership conference to connect with industry peers and make new friends. Traveling affords me the opportunity to get away from the day to day and experience another part of the country. The takeaways are priceless and I’m always grateful when I come home. Check out Women In Auto Care for more information.

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Operate, Build and Grow a Healthy Business. (Profitable, Sustainable and Enjoyable) Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 2019 Trumbull, CT

It all starts with the 5 pillars in any business. Sales Marketing, Financials, Operations, People. You may not be an expert in all areas. As a business owner you are responsible for all of them. With a pro mindset, learn how to align what you enjoy doing with the activities that need to get done at each stage of business. Leave with your road map and next steps. Register for the class here.

Focus On The Solution, Not The Problem – ATRA EXPO 2018 Las Vegas

With all of the responsibility a shop owner has, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and not look at the bigger picture. When we take a moment to reflect on a regular basis, we realize the solutions. After all “A problem is a decision you haven’t made.” – Todd Herman.

Most owners tell me their challenge is in one or more of three areas.

  • Finding and retaining quality technicians –
  • Everyone wants more quality customers –
  • They’re not getting a good return on all of their effort –

Yet some shops (the high-performers) are making it happen. They don’t get caught up in the problems. They address them and they focus on the solutions. Then they map out their plan. They implement. They review.