‘3-Day Weekends System’ and Coaching

Gain Clarity, Control and Confidence. Commit to Peak Performance.

This is about working smarter not harder. More is the enemy of peak performance.

As an owner, what would your life be like if you could take a 3-day weekend? Or maybe you want to gain a day back during the week. How about a couple of half days? Customize it to work for you. How much more energized would you be in your business if things just ran more smoothly?

‘3-Day Weekends’ is a performance system with coaching, that helps you go to the next level. Find the fuel you need to gain control of your business and your day without micro-managing. Have more time to do the things you keep putting off.

If being able to build and grow a successful business without adding more to your day is what you want. I can help. Not only do I have decades of automotive and skilled-trade business experience. I also bring corporate banking and management experience. You have areas of your business that are running well and you’ve reached milestones. Other areas may need improvement. We all have blind spots. This peak performance system is for ambitious owners with teams who are ready to develop themselves and lead their team.

In 90 Days, Stop Owner Overload. Find Your Freedom.

I will help you to transform into a better owner/leader because a business will grow only to the level of leadership of the owner. This is for achievers.

What if you could STOP

STOP the phone calls and text messages when you are away from your business. Your team has the resources and tools they need. You’re no longer the go to person. Lead & Let Go!
STOP guessing about your financials. Understand and use financials to make better decisions quicker with.. Actionable Financials!
STOP making excuses for not having the time for self-care, family and friends. No more doing it all. You can enjoy living in the moment, guilt-free. Own Your Owner Role!
Auto Shop Owner Overload

You’re smart, have reached milestones and a level of success. Are you ready to..

Give up being on 24/7 to have the business you want?

Small Biz Vantage - 3 Day Weekend Coaching

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will make.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How long can I keep up at this pace?
  • Why isn’t my business further along?
  • What should I be focusing on as an owner?
  • How do I build my dream team?
  • When will I get my life back?

Grit and drive got you this far, but it won’t take you to the next level. Save yourself years of frustration. You don’t have to do it alone. Are you ready to work smarter not harder? If so, 3-Day Weekends System and Coaching is for you. It’s never too late.

‘3-Day Weekends’ System 10 weeks of training/coaching

Bonus: 2 Extra Weeks of Support

Design a more profitable, sustainable and enjoyable business.

Improve your performance and create work-life fulfillment

What’s included in the program

10 Trainings & Coaching Calls
Weekly Coaching Call Recordings
Weekly Check-in Emails
2 Bonus Support Calls

How Performance and Leadership Affects 5 Pillars of Business

5 pillars of leadership - people

People Pillar

You can’t do it alone. It’s all about people communication & connection skills

Your expertise may not be in every area, yet you are responsible for all of them.

5 pillars of leadership - marketing

Marketing Pillar

Consistent messaging to provide solutions for your ideal clients. It’s about them.

5 pillars of leadership - sales

Sales Pillar

Your product/service offerings and conversations with your ideal clients.

5 pillars of leadership - operations

Operations Pillar

Efficiency and quality that drives results. Who does what, why, how, and when.

5 pillars of leadership - financial

Financial Pillar

The power of the numbers can lead to better decision making and opportunities.


Performance Coach

Maryann Croce - Small Biz Vantage Coaching
As an auto shop owner since 1999, I get it! You don’t need to add more to your day. I work 1-2 days a week at my shop. As a coach, I know that when you focus on owner activities, you spend less time working IN your business and have time to work ON your business.  In 90 days you can gain back 10 hours a week.
Visit my FAQ page on coaching for more information.
Who is the ‘3-Day Weekends’ system for?

Auto shop and trade business owners with a team who want to:

  • Confidently leave as you need or want to. You know your team has the day-to-day operations under control.
  • Achieve your goals sooner.
  • Come home fueled for time with family, friends and self-care.
  • Build a business that makes more than healthy profits. It makes an impact on their team, community, and your industry.

How much time will this take?

In 90 days you will be able to gain back 10 hours a week if you follow the system.

  • Enjoy the weekly trainings at your convenience
  • Do the homework. (Quick one sheet)
  • Attend weekly coaching calls. Bring a question or challenge to the call
  • Respect and stay focused on your stage of business and goal
  • Celebrate your wins big or small each week.

Will this work for me and my business?

Every business and owner has nuances to deal with. What’s great about this system is it’s flexible and adaptable. This is a proven system that works 100% of the time for 100% of the people who do 100% of the work.

  • Fairness working with both non-family and family team members
  • Taking over an existing business & working with owner
  • Not having one or more of the following: sales, marketing, financial, operations or HR experience
  • Feeling stuck about next leveling. Not knowing what to focus on.

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