Coaching for Single Location Automotive Shops

Design A Business That Works For Your Stage of Biz & Life

‘3-Day Weekends’ System/Coaching

Guides ambitious owners & leaders to work smarter not harder. Are you ready? Gain back 10 hours a week in 90 Days.

Bring your best as an owner.

Develop your team, Grow profits and Enjoy life!

You started your business being very skilled at your trade. As your business grows, those skills aren’t enough. Eventually most owners get stuck. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

You’re trying to manage all areas of your business such as (Sales, Marketing, People, Financials and Operations.) The challenge: How do you grow by doing it all or being the go-to person?

You don’t. You need your team.

At the end of the day, have you ever wondered?

Why isn’t my business more profitable?
How long can I keep up at this pace?
Will I ever have team accountability?
When will I have a life?

Not getting the results you want? Allow me to guide you. Stop owner overload and focus on the right activities to next level your team, your business, your life.

My Mission

Guide owners to operate at peak performance. Design a biz that works for you at each stage of business and life. Join me weekly for Biz/Leadership in 15-Minutes Live on Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube

Business will grow only to the level of leadership of the owner.

Shift the way you see your business.

Turn It Into Your Competitive Edge

Most business owners are burning themselves out. I call it owner overload. How would you like to be able to step away as you need or want to while your business thrives? No worries of text messages and calls to put out fires.

You can, if you implement ‘3 Day Weekends’ a repeatable system that helps you focus on the owner activities, while earning healthy profits, developing leaders, reducing stress and giving you back precious time. 10 hours a week in 90 days.

Do you feel like your on 24/7 at times. Your business doesn’t have to consume you. Imagine having a life and your business running with or without you there.

The transformation from the ‘owner’ title and stepping into the owner role starts by doing the right things in the right order. Starting with assessing what stage of business you’re in.

It’s time to invest in yourself and build a thriving business and life.

Make it profitable, sustainable and enjoyable! Achieve work-life fulfillment.

Services designed for single location auto shop owners

‘3-Day Weekends’ Coaching

Small Biz Vantage - 3 Day Weekend Coaching

Stop putting out fires and running on empty. Take activities off you plate to gain back 10 hours a week in 90 Days.

Biz/Leaders in 15-Minutes

Small Biz Vantage - Workshops & Training

Weekly Biz/Leaderships in 15-minutes lives to develop and grow business owners and leaders. Design a biz that works for you.

The Small Biz Vantage System

The Small Biz Vantage System was created for single location auto shop owners. Shift from a job you created for yourself, to an owner of a business that is profitable, sustainable and enjoyable. When you apply this system, you increase your performance. Your business and team thrive and you create work-life fulfillment!

  • Assess and Understand Your Stage of Business
  • Gain Clarity by making your business ENJOYABLE
  • Gain Confidence by making your business PROFITABLE
  • Gain Control by making your business SUSTAINABLE

Learn more about this powerful peak performance system that helps you focus on growing your business by subtracting tasks, not adding to your already full schedule.

Small Biz Method Process